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Online Coaching

Helping you to start living a happier and healthier life

Why choosing



I don’t just want to help you achieve your dream body, I want to help you achieve the dream MINDSET which will enable you to benefit from long term success.

The fitness industry is saturated with online coaches, training programmes and e-books all promising to get you the ‘perfect’ body in as little as 10 weeks, I got it I have been in it for 10+ years!

My online coaching programme is not a ‘fast track ticket’, nor is it a quick fix for results. Instead, my online coaching is focused on developing a healthy relationship with food, understanding the key principles of training and nutrition, implementing daily habits and sustainable lifestyle changes.



A comprehensive analysis of your current diet, exercise regime and training history, muscle daily schedule, medical history and underlying motivations to start online coaching.

I evaluate this to create highly individualised programmes to ensure you reach your goals



Learn from me and expand your knowledge on all things from training protocols, progressive overload, muscle building science, macronutrients, supplements, nutrition timing, mindset and more!



A tailored meal plan incorporating your favourite foods created around your dietary requirements and to fit around your every day schedule.

The meal plan comes with a comprehensive breakdown of the macronutrients in each meal and you also have the option to follow the prescribed macros if you would like more flexibility and variety.



Weekly check-ins where we log your progress, weight, measurements and photos to keep you accountable and for me to make necessary amendments to your programmes to ensure you consistently make steps closer to your goals.I ask for feedback on everything from your energy, mindset, sleep, cravings, strength and more so that I can take a holistic view of your progression.



A bespoke training programme tailored to your specific goals which fits around your schedule and lifestyle.

This is changed when necessary to ensure your body continues to adapt and progress.

Your programme can be accessed on any device which allows you to track your progress when you’re in the gym.



As your coach its my sole aim to give you all the tools, support guidance and accountability for you to unlock your dream body and smash through all your barriers and guide you to a new, healthier happier you with a positive relationship with food, life and training.

What you get


  • Tailored Nutrition Plan with personalised macronutrients split, specific to you with over 6 different menu options per plan

  • Customised Training Plan including a step guide and cardio breakdown weekly. With all video and pictures examples available

  • Tracking of measurements including photo and bio feedback

  • Frequent educational lessons delivered by video into the app by myself

  • Messenger platform to have your questions answered at any time



Diego Sechi About.png

Hey I am Diego and I have dedicated my working career to improving people’s lives by simplifying training and nutrition so they can live a life full of confidence, energy, and self-love.

I am a former national-level wrestler in my home country of Italy, and currently competing in fitness competitions at pro-level.

In 2013, I became the WBFF European Fitness Model Champion, and since then, I went on to compete at WORD-LEVEL, placing in the top 5 in both Toronto (2016) and London (2017) and coming 2nd in the WORLD in the Bahamas in 2019.

When I am not working with clients and helping them to achieve their desired health and performance goals, I am studying to keep up to date with current nutrition research and scientific publications so I can continue delivering a first-class service to my clients.

I have a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Nutrition from King’s College London, in addition to a Masters Degree in Sports Nutrition in one of the top universities in the UK.

You can follow me on Instagram @diegosechi

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