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This NUTRITION GUIDE is part of the GYM-FREE BODY PLAN bundle and it contains:


● 4 professionally structured nutrition plans adjusted for every single phase of the plan


● a handy shopping list, to screenshot or print and take to the supermaket when grocery shopping


● a huge variety of food options, broken down for specific macro categories


● detailed weights and portions for every single macro choice so you always know exactly how much you should eat


●      The best foods that works for YOU


●      Focused on YOUR goal


●      Huge variety or options, NEVER GET BORED!


●      Freedom over food choices


●      Cooking tips/recipes


●      Food is your biggest ally to achieve YOUR goals


●      Build muscle and burn fat at the same time


●      SIMPLE, EASY foods that help you: lose weight, burn fat




●      Become healthier, sexier and slimmer, EVERY SINGLE DAY


●      No cravings, no starving, JUST LOSING!




The plan is in a pdf format, supported by any device

The Gym-Free Body Plan NUTRITION GUIDE

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